While a few can afford private gyms or commercial club memberships, and others may benefit from traditional leisure centres or organised sports clubs, we believe many more can be drawn into activity in local parks. This is where they have a sense of belonging and barriers to participate are minimal: entry is free, activity options are low cost and the welcome is warm. A park-based multi-activity hub has real potential to attract harder to reach audiences as part of a Council's broader physical and mental well-being strategy.

At the individual level, anyone can get involved, even if that is initially just watching or having a conversation. In a sentence, a multi-activity hub offers a brew, a loo and something to do. Crucially, it helps people make a start towards feeling healthier, happier and stronger. And that makes us feel good too.

We bring people together: We drive footfall to parks and increase dwell time around co-located facilities, in partnership with Councils and local stakeholders. 

We encourage people to be active: We recognise that health inequalities are stubborn and those not currently enjoying good physical and mental well-being may need encouragement to get going.

We are commercially minded and community hearted: The income we generate allows us to be generous towards disadvantaged groups, while showing kindness to all.

Our projects

We are currently building three park projects with one due to open soon! Here is all the information on all our projects and their different stages.

The six p's of our approach


We activate local parks which sit at the heart of their communities by rejuvenating a range of amenities. We use design to create welcoming spaces that draw people in and keep them coming back.


We recruit, train and employ motivated teams to serve their local residents with passion and purpose. We welcome the support of volunteers who are key in inspiring others to be more active.


We offer a wide variety of informal recreational activities that bring people together regardless of age, ability or experience. Sessions may be free, low cost or premium priced, and no membership is required.


We have a proprietary, mobile first booking system that removes barriers to participation by making activities accessible and affordable. We complement this with 7-day customer service.


We engage in imaginative marketing campaigns online, offline and onsite. We seek especially to attract those who are not naturally inclined to pump iron in a gym or take part in organised sport.


We are always learning and always seeking advocates to amplify our reach. We recognise the power of teamwork in the difficult and multi-faceted journey of building happier and healthier communities.

What's next?

If you’re a Council, strategic funder or social investor that shares our ambition to increase physical activity and mental well-being, we’d love to hear from you. We know that change doesn’t happen overnight, nor does it happen in isolation, so let’s start the conversation and explore opportunities that will help transform communities.
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