Courtside at Bury Knowle

Bury Knowle Park sits in the heart of Headington, Oxford. By transforming the disused pavilion into a thriving multi-activity hub and community café, we brought this corner of the park back to life.

Courtside at The Leys

The Leys was home to our first ever café, The Coffee Shed, which became a focal point for the community in Witney.

We found ourselves outgrowing our humble Coffee Shed and wanted to offer more to the people of Witney, and Courtside at The Leys is how we did it.

Courtside at Hillsborough

Hillsborough Park is north west of the centre of Sheffield. It has ample green space, a fishing lake, a walled garden and a playground. It is also home to Courtside at Hillsborough, our multi-activity hub and community café!

We’re close to launching the first hub

Building work is nearly complete and we’re close to launching our first hub in Bury Knowle park, Oxford. There are two more at various stages, and more still in the planning and evaluation phase. You can keep up to date with our progress over on our projects page!
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